Troup Co. Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending Nov. 2

Published 6:08 pm Thursday, November 2, 2017

Eric Calvin Bell, 27, 4006 Old West Point Rd. LaGrange, probation violation (LaGrange), false report of a crime, clinging to vehicles, contempt of court-superior, released on probation.

Dempsey Ray Borden, 44, 240 Teaver Rd., LaGrange, probation violation (superior), failure to appear (superior), returned by bondsman, bond denied, in jail.

Norman Willis Boykin Jr., 35, 319 Youngs Mill Rd. B, LaGrange, battery, bond $5,000, bonded out.

Charlie Lamar Bray, 56, 145 Bradfield Dr., LaGrange, 145 Bradfield Dr., Franklin, fail to use safety belts in passenger vehicle, probation violation (LaGrange), bonded out.

Johnathan Michael Durrell, 24, 1254 W 80th St., Los Angeles CA, operating vehicle without drivers license, speeding 24-33 MPH over speed limit, bonded out.

Juvonta Bernazi Goodman, 33, 1401 East 12th St., 37, West Point, reckless conduct, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Carlos Terrel Gray, 26, 614 Smoot St., LaGrange, DUI-alcohol, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Chelsea Rae Hale, 27, 66 Thomas Rd., LaGrange, holding for another agency, bond denied, released to another agency.

Robert Scott Hamilton, 53, 907 Park Ave., LaGrange, simple battery, bond denied, in jail.

Phillip Tyron Knopp, 60, 318 Alford St., LaGrange, striking an unattended vehicle, bond $0, bonded out

Richard Lawson, 59, 112 South 18th St., Lanett, Alabama, driving on suspended/revoked license, operate vehicle with improper taillights, remove/affix plate with intent to conceal, expired tag, bonded out.

Gaylord Melvin Laye, 57, 517 Everette St., LaGrange, probation violation (superior), bond denied, released to another agency.

Charles Quinn McDonald, 33, 2587 JW Dunn Rd., Pine Mountain, holding for another agency, sentenced state, bond denied, released to another agency.

Jonathan Jerome Parker, 28, 324 Daniel St. B, LaGrange, theft-entering an auto, failure to appear (superior), failure to appear (state), probation violation (LaGrange), obstruction of officer, bond denied, in jail.

Colby Diane Pike, 20, 331 Deerfield Rd., Hogansville, contempt of court, bond denied, released on time served.

Jonathan Scott Pruitt, 27, 141 Turner St. A, LaGrange, contempt of court-superior, bond denied, released on charges dismissed.

Diego Joaquin Santiago, 18, 425 South Lee St., LaGrange, probation violation (state), sentenced state, bond denied, in jail.

Breshun Leonard Shaw, 32, 415 Fairburn Rd., Atlanta, obstruction, bond $0, released to another agency.

Jamarcus Simpson, 21, 200 Bagley St., LaGrange, battery, bond $2,000, bonded out.

Shirley Deering Solano, 46, 521 Gay Rd., Greenville, obstruction of officer, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Randall Thomas Spradlin, 63, 1703 Hamilton Rd., LaGrange, criminal trespass, bonded out.

Kendall Akeem Tait, 21, 1590 Radrock Way, Norco, California, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, permit unlicensed person to drive, bonded out.

Rickey Lamar Tucker Jr., 32, 104 Commerce Ct., LaGrange, probation violation (state), bond denied, in jail.

Cindy Denise Wells, 53, 710 South Lee St., LaGrange, sentenced state, bond denied, in jail.

Jody Wilson, 49, 257 Costley Rd., LaGrange, contempt of court, bond denied, in jail.

Teresa Raven Wilson, 26, 407 Hamilton Rd., LaGrange, theft-other, bond $5,700, in jail.