October Marriages

Published 6:18 pm Sunday, November 5, 2017

Tommy Thomason and Wanda Willis

Gerald Menefee and Cynthia Horton

Zachary Brown and Joanna Brown

Ronterreal Ogletree and Taquia Robinson

Arvey Rodas Gomez and Silveria Lopez Martinez

Ryan Boyd and Erica Gray

Myles Henson and Morgan Davis

Glenn Lopez and Jenna Geeter

Otto Korth and Nancy Laminack

Mohammad Kamran and Natasha Hajiyani

Christian Coker and Danielle Gay

Joshua Baldwin and Karen Heximer

Aaron Burch and Stephanie Kusiak

Patrick Neely and Tamika Parks

Thomas Harrington and Taylor Smith

Jimmy Osborn Jr. and Jessica Hall

Steven Gearhart and Destinie Poole

Cody Turner and Dakota James

Robert Sabia Jr. and Nicole Aeschliman

Leonardo Ceballos and Maria Santiago

Sylvester Rivers and Chantris Woodard

Gary Crowder and Lauryn Talley

Augustus Hale and Melissa Wolfe

Roger Snyder and Caitlyn Cone

Willis Bailes Jr. and Mary Weldon

Matthew Bass and Shahidah Ali

Darrell Presley and Marlene Perrine

James Fleuriet Jr. and Justine Matthews

Andrew Dukes and Vivian Bragg

Brandon Bonner and Janice Venegas

Justin Cato and Hannah Pursley

Jonathan Waters and Amanda Autrey

Jack Whitworth and Mary Lee Strother

Bernard Vercillo and Tracy Jacob

Jonathan Baker and Olivia Sanborn

Daehwa Hong and Min Nam

Jordan Crowe and Heather Folsom

Jessica Thompson and Bonnie Hammond

Colby Nicholson and LeeAnne Stein

Adam Bryant and Kristin Outland

Kenneth White and Bridget Alexander

Robert Smith and Madeline Headrick

James Scantlin and Mariann Morgan

Bryan Fitzpatrick and Jasmine Barone

Christopher Toolsie and Shykella Toolsie

Jonathan Hines and Olivia Sanborn

Jeffery Comley and Sharon Sebastian

Donald Winston and Carnesia Wilson

Michael Newsome and Kristie Jones

Charles Belcher and Natalie Blackstock

Eric Taylor and Ashley Truitt

Michael Heard and Crystal Nolan

Kelvin Brewer and Stephanie Bradfield

Jorge Lopez Constantin and Geisy Carrillo Palacios

Kelvin Brewer and Stephanie Bradfield