Police look into possible lead from burglary at Givorns Foods

Published 6:46 pm Monday, November 27, 2017

By Wayne Clark
The Valley Times-News

There could be a possible break in the recent crash and grab theft at Givorns Foods in Valley. A photo of an abandoned truck, which was spotted recently along I-285 near Atlanta, was submitted to law enforcement last week.

The photo shows a white truck that looks similar to the one that crashed into Givorns Tuesday morning around 3 a.m. so that two men could take the store’s ATM machine.

Officers went to investigate the truck photo, but by the time they got there it was gone.

The truck that crashed into Givorns has been identified as a 1999 Dodge Ram. It received some very significant external damage when it slammed into the building. The tag number on the truck is from a vehicle that had been stolen in Covington, not far from Atlanta.

At 3:02 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 21, the Dodge truck backed into the front glass foyer at Givorns, then pulled out, turned around and went back front first into the foyer area.  Two suspects removed an ATM machine from the store during the break in.  The store sustained some considerable damage in the incident, but was back open by Tuesday morning.