THINC students’ videos ‘Inspired’

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2017

While most students and even teachers were practically checked out in preparation for Thanksgiving break, seven teams of students from THINC Academy presented videos that they created this semester to the theme of “City Inspired.” The projects were presented to local media representatives, who judged the projects based on the videos created as well as the teams’ presentation skills.

At the end of that last day before Thanksgiving break, two projects impressed both the judges and THINC teachers the most. They can now be viewed on The City of LaGrange’s Facebook page.

The videos were student made, so they were not perfect, but they do offer insight into the way that the city is viewed by a younger set of eyes.

Many of the students were unaware of the amenities like Sweetland Amphitheatre and The Thread, which are already available in the city. Others expressed hope that additional shopping options will open in the city in the future.

The students all agreed that city social media needed to target teens and young adults using websites and applications that are popular with young people like Snapchat and Instagram over even marginally older sites like Facebook.

These opinions had to come from young people though, which is why these videos are so valuable.

They are a glimpse into how LaGrange’s youth see the city.