Special night for special needs

Published 8:04 pm Sunday, December 10, 2017

In the weekend edition of the LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about LaGrange High School’s Special Night for Special Grangers. If you haven’t read that story, the night allowed special needs students to be the stars. Many in the community were in attendance to cheer on those students, who wore LHS uniforms and played alongside members of the varsity basketball teams at the school.

Other students performed with the cheerleaders or took part in the band for the night.

Admission to the game was free, but donations were also raised for Circle of Friends, a club at the high school.

If there was ever a reminder of how close this community is, and in particular how close the LHS family is, Thursday night was it.

Classmates, family members and friends cheered from the stands during an incredible night. Just about every player scored in the game.

At one point, a referee was photographed high fiving a student who had just scored a basket.

It was a great night because it gives attention to those in our society we don’t get recognized enough. The students that played in the game Thursday night had a chance to show off their talent.

It’s great that these special needs students were given the opportunity to put on school uniforms and were given support from the community. You could tell it meant a lot to the students and their families. Parents said their children will remember that night for a long time.

We wish more schools would do something like this. It clearly meant a lot to all who attended.

It really was a special night to be a Granger.