Last chances this Christmas

Published 8:33 pm Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas celebrations in LaGrange started this year in November and it’s hard to believe some of those traditions won’t happen again until next year. The holiday Sip and Shop, Christmas on the Hill and the LaGrange parade happened before December, but started the holiday spirit. Seeing the Christmas lights at Lafayette Square has become common place, but still reminds that downtown is still celebrating the holiday. There’s still time to partake in holiday activities offered by the city.

Today, Friday and Saturday will be the last days of the year to experience the holiday carriage rides in downtown LaGrange. Residents who have partaken in the carriage rides said they enjoyed it. There’s something different about riding through the town at a slower pace and not in a car.

Additionally, Santa Claus will make his last appearance at Lafayette Square Saturday afternoon before he journeys around the world to deliver toys to kids. Those who still believe in him have one last chance to take pictures with him and tell him what they want.

For a small city, we have a lot of opportunities to celebrate with friends and family in activities that are free and fun. Locals should take advantage of these traditions before it’s too late.