Significant progress on The Thread

Published 7:10 pm Monday, December 25, 2017

We’re sure by now that the many trash bins put out by the city this week are full of empty boxes and wrapping paper.

All the presents have been opened and Christmas, as sad as it is to write, is once again 365 days away.

However, there’s still one big present yet to be completely unwrapped in downtown LaGrange, but based on the latest details, it won’t be long.

If you read Friday’s newspaper you learned that phrase two of The Thread Trail is well underway near Eastside Park. Concrete was poured recently and a bridge was installed to cross Blue John Creek.  On Thursday, several children had a chance to try out the trail on bicycles.

It won’t be long before all of us can ride bikes on the entire trail second segment.

In the next few months, organizers expect part two of The Thread to be completed, as long as Mother Nature doesn’t mess that up.

Once it’s done, it’s another piece to the big puzzle of the entire Thread, which will change the way of life in downtown LaGrange.