Benches dedicated in memory of Boggus

Published 10:03 pm Thursday, January 4, 2018

Two benches were dedicated in the memory of Judy Boggus Thursday in LaGrange.

Boggus was on the board of directors of the Downtown LaGrange Development Authority, and she oversaw the downtown bench project, which added 85 benches to her hometown. She also served as co-chairwoman LaGrange College’s 3D Journeys program. She passed away in September.

On Thursday, the college’s 3D Journeys committee donated one bench, and a group of special friends of Boggus’ donated the second. Both projects were extremely important to her.

“That was her project,” said her husband, Sonny.

“We were out in Vancouver on a trip and she started noticing the benches throughout that beautiful park out there and memorials and honors of other people, and she said ‘in our town we don’t have anywhere to sit down if we’re outside. She came up with the idea and presented it with the DLDA, and she started selling benches.”

The project was called the Shady Bench Project, according to her Judy’s daughter, Cathy Schirra.

The 3D Journeys program started at LaGrange College in 2010 and will continue this month. The program provides open classes with domestic and international travel options.

Some of the destinations have included the Georgia coast, Ireland and Brazil.

This year’s location is Central Europe.

“Judy had a gift of inspiring everybody to buy into her good ideas,” said Ann Beason, co-chairwoman of 3D Journeys.

Both benches are placed in front of the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in downtown LaGrange, giving them a great view of the square and downtown.