Career resources available to those who ask

Published 8:47 pm Friday, January 26, 2018

Job hunting is hard. Whether you are looking for your first job or you’ve been in the working world for years or you are returning after having to take time away, finding a job that allows you to meet the needs of you and your family can be daunting.

Where should you apply?  What is the right way to format a resume? When they ask you to come in for an interview, what should you wear?

At this point, there is little debate that there are jobs available in Troup County, but many are still left wondering how to take advantage of the area’s newfound growth.

Today, motivational speakers, local agencies and businesses will join forces to help people prepare for work and answer some of those questions at Dream Chaser Day 2018 at the Callaway Conference Center at West Georgia Tech.

Some may need a little guidance on their resume to improve their chances of finding a good job.

Others may just need a little bit of practice on how to respond to interview questions.

Others still, may need more though, which is why representatives from West Georgia Tech will be on hand to give out information on how to take the next step to improve that resume with education, whether that means getting a G.E.D. or pursuing something more.

Whatever you need at this point in your job hunt, there will probably be someone at Dream Chaser Day who can help you, but they can only help if you show up and ask questions and get involved.

You are the author of your own destiny so take charge, ask for help when you need it and go for that job. Maybe you won’t get it. Maybe you aren’t the right fit yet, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Community resources for those looking for jobs will be available at 220 Fort Drive from noon until 5 p.m. today.