Healthy changes take time

Published 7:42 pm Sunday, January 28, 2018

If losing weight and being in shape were easy, the majority of us would be in great health. Instead, we’re all looking for that “special secret” — something that we can do to get on the right track physically.

A report by the Center for Disease Control last year showed that almost 40 percent of American adults are obese. There are many factors that have contributed to that figure, but the reality is pretty simple. As Americans, we love to get as much value for our dollar as possible, so it makes sense to super size our drinks or pay a little extra for the larger side of fries.

The most common New Year’s resolution in the United States is to lose weight and to eat better. Just about all of us — even if we’re in pretty good shape — want one of those two things.

The question is how we get there.

On Wednesday, our Healthy Living special section will publish inside the LaGrange Daily News, and we hope it might help anyone looking to shed a few pounds.

We talked to physical trainers and a dietitian about how you can get in shape, eat healthier and live a better life overall.

It’s important to remember that real change takes commitment and motivation to implement and doesn’t happen overnight.