Students helping with Super Bowl

Published 10:30 pm Friday, February 2, 2018

On Sunday, most of us will be sitting in front of the television, watching the Super Bowl. Some will watch for the actual game, which figures to be a good one, although there’s not a local rooting interest.

Maybe next year, Falcons fans.

Others will watch for the commercials or for the halftime show.

While we’re watching from home, students from LaGrange College will have the best view of all. Students from the college’s sports management department are helping the National Football League with parts of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

They’ve been in Minneapolis, Minnesota most of this week, working in the NFL House, which is a spot for major corporations and NFL representatives to come together other one roof.

The class will also help direct people around the stadium Sunday.

According to Preston James IV, who leads the department, LaGrange College is the only Georgia college helping with the Super Bowl. The sports management class has also assisted with the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl and the College Football Playoff National Championship game this year.

Several of the students have already been offered internships, which is what happens when you’re in the same room at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL great Joe Montana. The class has also had a chance to talk to other NFL greats and representatives from other sports leagues.

Most college graduates leave school with a degree and a lot of knowledge, but they’re often held back by a lack of experience.

That won’t be a problem for students in the sports management class at LaGrange College. It’s hard to imagine any experience could top helping with the Super Bowl.

We’re sure this will be the first step in a successful career for students in the class, and we hope they’re enjoying every minute of it/