Humble yourself

Published 6:03 pm Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Pasadena, California – Jan. 1

Moments after Georgia defeated Oklahoma in their College Football Playoff, Bulldogs linebacker David Bellamy yelled, “Humble yourself!” to Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield as the Heisman Trophy winner was making his way across the field shaking hands. 

Since then, I have been unable to get the quote off my mind. 

Bellamy was referring to Mayfield’s flamboyant behavior throughout the game.  This was not the first time the quarterback’s behavior had lacked humility.  In the game against Kansas, Mayfield lewdly grabbed his crotch and performed a series of other antics that forced him to apologize after the game.

Also, after a high-profile victory over Ohio State, Mayfield grabbed a huge Oklahoma flag and planted it in the middle of Ohio Stadium. Again, he later apologized for the demeaning act.

And, there was the back-and-forth arguing with the Texas Tech coaching staff when Mayfield transferred to Oklahoma.

Lastly ­— that I know of —there was an embarrassing arrest a year ago for public intoxication, disorderly conduct, fleeing and resisting arrest after an incident outside an Arkansas bar.

Chase Mayfield would not humble himself. He will also leave Oklahoma without a national championship.

Now, I know that Chase Mayfield is a very young man who probably has many good qualities. His actions actually helped many people across the nation, including me, to look in the mirror and check our own levels of humility.  For if we do not humble ourselves, God will assist us in that endeavor. 

When we are proud, God opposes us — he becomes our adversary. We might even think we can successfully oppose God. But, history and examples in our own lives, show that the prideful may win many battles, but always eventually lose the war. 

However, if we humble ourselves, God will exalt us in due time.

Perhaps the greatest example of humility in the history of the world was displayed over 2000 years ago in the Roman province of Judea. This was when Jesus Christ humbled himself and allowed men in Jerusalem to arrest, viciously abuse and crucify him. He could have easily used his own power to free himself. 

But, Jesus, who committed no sin of his own, sacrificed his life to save us from our sins. 

Jason W. Swindle Sr. is a Senior Partner and Criminal Defense Attorney at Swindle Law Group in Carrollton.