Community input in school name a good thing

Published 8:32 pm Friday, February 16, 2018

On Thursday, the Troup County School Board voted unanimously to name the new elementary school being built on South Davis Road as Clearview Elementary School. The new school will replace Whitesville Road Elementary.

The residents of Troup County were asked for name proposals from mid-November to mid-January.

First, we think it’s great that the school board accepted proposals for the school name. There was a lot of discussion on naming procedures leading up to the decision, but it sounds like there isn’t a definitive way to do it. The board members could’ve decided to name the school whatever they wanted, but instead gave the community a voice in the decision. That was the right way to go about it, and the board should be applauded for that.

Of course, none of the 17 names submitted were going to please everyone. The board decided to avoid naming the school after a person, just because so many great people have served a role in the school system over the years. How do you pick one? Clearview was a good fit because of the community near the school. Clearview Chapel isn’t far from the new location, so it makes sense.

Until now, the school was known as elementary school “A.” For some reason, giving it a name makes it seem more real than before.  We’re sure future employees and students are excited to actually have a name for their future school.

Now, the countdown is on until Clearview Elementary opens its doors.