Humane Society uses Valentine’s Day event to get people to shelter

Published 5:27 pm Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Last year, the LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society started its 14 Dimes 4 Love event to get more people in the shelter, and it worked.

This year the shelter brought the fundraiser back, again positioning it so it fell the weekend after Valentine’s Day. To stick with the theme of the holiday, guests were able to pay 14 dimes for the right to get treats to feed the dogs. They also received a valentine’s card from the dog that they liked.

“Several people making that small donation goes a long way,” said humane society director Mandi Bono. “That’s what helps us show the kids in our community that with their 14 dime donation, they are part of a bigger picture.”

As of Saturday, there were 11 dogs at the humane society and two or three were on the verge of being adopted. However, Bono said there are around 100 dogs in the building, which is shared by the city and the humane society.

The dogs are tested for temperament so that the humane society can send friendly, family-loving dogs home, but Bono said they pull over as many as they can. Once they are on the humane society side, the dogs are guaranteed to stay until they find it a home.

The foot traffic at Saturday’s event was consistent, as many came in to see and feed the dogs. While the fundraising part is important, it’s not the main point of the event.

“We’re more concerned about community awareness than a fundraiser, trying to get people out there to see their local shelter,” Bono said. “So many people go into pet stores and out of the area looking for dogs when there are so many pets right here in Troup County that need homes.”

The money that is raised helps with spay and neuter costs.

“Every animal that comes through here is required to be spayed or neutered before it goes home to help control the population cost in Troup County,” Bono said.

A final tally had not been determined from Saturday’s fundraiser, but last year the event raised around $350.