LPD assistance requested in fight against gangs

Published 8:49 pm Thursday, February 22, 2018

The LaGrange Police Department and Troup County District Attorney’s Office are leading the way in the fight against gangs and the state of Georgia plans to ask for assistance.

Formulytics, a Georgia-based software company that assists state and local law enforcement, jails, and district attorneys in the tracking and prosecution of violent criminal gang members is in charge of expanding the capabilities of law enforcement and prosecutors through specialized technology and training to help in the fight against gangs in Georgia.

The Georgia Legislature declared Georgia has entered into a “State of Crisis” due to the increased violence generated by criminal street gangs. There is now a push to increase the use of the statute and build the capacity of law enforcement and prosecutors to use the law to reduce violence.

“Of the more than 400 law enforcement agencies, the LaGrange Police Department along with the District Attorney’s Office lead the way in gang statute arrests,” Formulytics President Tom Ratchford said. “They have established unique thought leadership in the State of Georgia on the topic of gang enforcement. We will be asking their assistance in our efforts with the state to improve best practices around how to leverage the Georgia Gang Statute by law enforcement.”

LPD currently uses Formulytics to help investigate and prosecute street gangs.

“These cases have allowed the LaGrange Police Department the ability to arrest members of these criminal organizations, therefore creating a better quality of life for citizens living in areas where gangs had once been prevalent in the past,” said LaGrange Police Sgt. Mark Cavendar.

Chief Lou Dekmar said he is honored to be recognized for the department’s hard work.

“This is an excellent example of leveraging technology and building effective partnerships to address the serious issue of gang violence,” Dekmar said.