What makes you happy in life?

Published 9:11 pm Friday, March 2, 2018

Please play a game with me. Write down on a card what you want more than anything else.  Everyone will have a different answer.

Remember, abundance is yours for the asking. I am wanting you to think what makes you get out of bed each day.

What makes you happy? In my opinion, if you have good health, your wealth you should be happy.

This would be a great family question. You may be surprised by what your mate would say. Maybe more time, just date time doing nothing important but being together.

Answers I expect are like more and more money. I want you to think about what is important.

My big one right now is for my weight to be 177 pounds and off all medicine.

For some it will be to help their kids or have a vacation with everyone together. I just have 11 pounds to go.

Guess what, every bite or drink that goes in my mouth is written down.

Does it work? I am down 8 pounds in 26 days and was in Destin for a week.

Yes, it does. All you have to do is know where you’re going. Take time to write down what is important.