Setting the example for others

Published 7:23 pm Monday, March 5, 2018

Sometimes in life, you’ve got to put your money where your mouth is. Most of the time that idiom means spending money. In this sense, we’re talking about actually doing something, rather than just talking about it.

Over the last month, we’ve written several stories on litter and how local leaders are dealing with it. Several letters to the editor have published on our opinion page as people tell others what their own opinions are on garbage in our county.

All of that talking is great. We all have opinions, and it’s important that our local leaders hear it and see if there’s a solution to be found.

The solution lies somewhere in-between and will likely require a lot of work from people cleaning up the roadways and then a commitment from many to upkeep them. First, LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton and County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews made a video, asking locals to do their part to keep the streets clean.

Now, local groups are taking it a step further. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office has adopted a mile on Young’s Mill Road in front of the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Home Camp Pineland Camp Pioneer.

Fifteen TCSO volunteers picked up trash for more than an hour Saturday morning, collecting over half a dozen bags of litter.

We appreciate the sheriff’s office setting the example, and hope other groups will do the same.