Naomi Ruth Hood Crook

Published 8:05 pm Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Naomi Ruth Hood Crook, of College Park, Georgia, passed away resting peacefully on Friday March 2, 2018. She was lovingly cared for by family, friends and the wonderful people of Southwest Christian Care in Union City, Georgia.

Ruth was born on December 13, 1933, in the Calumet Mill Community of LaGrange, Georgia, to Oliver and Easter Mandy Hood. She was the last surviving of Oliver’s and Easter’s eight children: Elva Mae Pitts, Leuna McWhorter Manley, Elson Hood, Julian Hood, Billy Ray Hood, Marlon Hood, Ruth and Jean Pappas.

The home they had at 111 McGee Street, LaGrange, Georgia was a hive of creativity and community and even of worldwide importance. While Easter instilled character, Oliver gave his children talent. Oliver wrote, taught and performed music. It was always important to Ruth that her father, Oliver Hood, wrote “You Are My Sunshine.”  Ruth, in her own right, enjoyed talent as a gardener, as a seamstress and a singer, though not professionally. She had a beautiful voice and an amazing recollection of songs.

Ruth is survived by her pride and joy, her children, Scott Crook of College Park, Georgia, Michael Crook of West Point, Georgia and David Crook of College Park, Georgia. Since no one was a stranger, Ruth had a multitude of friends and loved ones; too many to count but each one cherished. Three special friends of Ruth’s must be honored for their devotion and care: Pam Mathis, Nydia Griffin and her beautiful and talented caregiver Monique Godfrey.

Ruth was strong in her faith, beginning with St John’s Methodist Church in LaGrange, Georgia, and recently St. John’s Episcopal Church of College Park, Georgia.  She always enjoyed lunch at A Taste of Lemon (formerly St. John’s Methodist Church) in LaGrange, Georgia. She loved to point and tell her friends that people were eating where she was baptized.

Arrangements are pending for a memorial service in celebration of Ruth’s life. The celebration will be held this Spring at St. John’s Episcopal Church, College Park, Georgia.

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