Positive thoughts make life cheerful

Published 7:30 pm Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It is Spring of the year, what are you thinking of planting? I am not talking about corn and peas. Are you  planting seeds of fun times with your family?

Fun times with your friends? Today after Kiwanis one of  my great friends, Charlie, and I  went and shot five stand. The great thing about five stand is that you can do it with two people in one hour and on a day like today in the rain, you have a nice covered shooting area.

My  point here is if you sow positive thoughts, your life will be cheerful, successful and positive.

Take time to smell the flowers as you go about your daily work or whatever you do. You say Jerry, I must do this project or that project.

As Jimmy Matthews told me 40 years ago you will make time to do  what you want to do. Today I told my friend I would shoot with him, even in the rain. He shot the best I have ever seen him shoot.

I shot OK but more important, I had a blast.

I am daring you to plant fun things in your garden of life while you still have your health. Little things with friends or your wife are smart and the great things about life. I dare you to make time to do something with your kids, spouse, friends or co-workers that gets a smile and a laugh.

If you do, I promise life will  be much better. Sometimes I will run by, get a watermelon and bring it into the office. When it is cut we have a bunch of 12-year-old kids who sell dreams for a living having fun again. May God Bless, and Hhe  will!