Callaway’s McGuffin heading to LaGrange College

Published 12:08 am Saturday, March 10, 2018


Daily News



During her time as a soccer player at Callaway High, Chloe McGuffin has been a part of a handful of signing-day celebrations, although they’ve always been for someone else.

On Thursday, McGuffin was the center of attention as a signing-day ceremony was held in her honor.

McGuffin, who is in the midst of her senior season, has decided to join the soccer team at LaGrange College, and that decision was celebrated at Callaway with her friends, teammates, family members and coaches there to enjoy the moment with her.

“I feel like my freshman year was yesterday,” McGuffin said. “Being here, I feel like I’m not old enough for this I’ve watched my other teammates do it. Now to do it myself, it’s unreal.”

McGuffin had some different options, but she decided that LaGrange College was the best fit for her.

McGuffin was recruited by LaGrange College coach Fred Wagenaar, and she said she’ll be comfortable playing for him.

“I went to the LaGrange College summer camp, and that’s where I first met coach Fred,” she said. “Just practicing with him and the girls, I really liked it. He would tell us exactly what to do, and how he expected it to be done. He’s one of those coaches where he’s your coach, but he’s also your friend. You feel like you can talk to him about things, and you want to make him proud. You’re going to work hard for him.”

McGuffin was a four-year starter at Callaway, and last season she helped the team win its first-ever game in the state tournament.

McGuffin has also played for the Troup Titans, and her coach for the past two seasons was Kasey Ross.

“I can’t ever remember a time where she missed practice,” Ross said. “There were big events that Callaway was having, and she wouldn’t go. She was at practice. That’s how dedicated a player she is. She’s the type of person where, if you’re losing, she’s going to lift everybody up, and keep pushing and pushing.”

Ross was at a game where Callaway was blown out by LaGrange, but she noticed that McGuffin’s effort never waned.

“Even against LaGrange, she never backed down,” Ross said. “She kept giving 100 percent. That’s the type of player she is. She’ll never be down. She’ll keep working hard for her team.”

McGuffin said there was a time where she was ready to head away from home for college, but she eventually decided that this is the place for her.

That decision was largely driven by the fact that she wants her family members, including her grandparents, to be able to watch her play.

“My grandparents, they are getting older, and my grandfather’s health is going down,” McGuffin said. “I want to make sure that I’m here.”

McGuffin also said LaGrange College fits her academic needs.

“They have my major,” McGuffin said. “They have nursing, which is want I want to do. So LaGrange is really a good fit for me.”