Benefits of Daylight Savings Time

Published 8:21 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018

If this weekend felt short, it technically was. Thanks to springing our clocks forward, the weekend was an hour shorter than any other we’ll have this year.

Of course, the benefits far outweigh that hour of lost sleep.

Sunset wasn’t until almost 8 p.m. on Sunday night, and as the days go by it’ll get later and later as summer nears. Outside of a few cold nights this past week, the weather has been warming up too.

It’s not hard to see why Daylight Savings Time is so popular. It gives everyone a chance to do something after work, and it makes weekends more enjoyable.

Florida is close to implementing Daylight Savings Time year-round, although we’re not sure that idea will gain popularity around the country. After all, live sports, award shows and primetime television already run late enough in the Eastern Time Zone. Plus, do we really want to be outside at 7 p.m. in November, December, January and February?

We’ll let others continue that debate, but just the fact that it is being discussed is another reminder of how much we all love a little extra sunshine.  We still have eight days until spring officially starts, but the time change is sort of the unofficial start of one of the warmer seasons of the year.

We hope you and your family will enjoy the extra sunshine by shopping a little later, walking around Granger Park and by taking part in other extracurricular activities in Troup County.