Hogansville PD getting new police vehicles

Published 9:21 pm Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Hogansville Police Department will be getting brand new police vehicles in the next six months.

The Hogansville City Council voted last week to lease six new 2017 Ford Police Utility vehicles. The department will bring in new vehicles to replace a fleet of vehicles that was aging quickly. 

More than 50 percent of the department’s 18 current patrol vehicles are set to exceed 100,000 miles in the next year, according to Chief Brian Harr.

“The chief actually looked at various vehicles. Initially he was recommending another type of vehicle. After he came back for the Georgia police chief conference, he circled back and agreed that the 2017 Ford police vehicles were adequate,” said City Manager David Milliron. “They actually are one of the better rated and better handling [vehicles]. They all around provide a better user experience for the driver and overall are safer. They have lower maintenance cost.”

The purchases will be made from Brannen Motor Company in Unadilla and will be made through two separate lease agreements over the next six months. The monthly lease payments will be supplemented through federal seized funds until the 2019 SPLOST funds are available.

The lease agreements will involve a monthly payment of $2,557.75 for 60 months or a $3,114.90 for 48 months. Both agreements are for three Ford Police Utility vehicles.

Police Chief Brian Harr said Brannen sends the vehicles in ready to go, rather than the department having to send them off to get equipment added on.

“I think we are averaging just above 70,000 miles for the entire fleet,” Harr said. “When we roll these in, we’ll be just about 40,000 [miles on average] I think. It’s definitely a good thing. The all-wheel drive vehicle in the Ford Utility will be a huge plus for us in inclement weather. We will be able to get around a little bit better in snow and some of the conditions that we have.”

The council did not discuss contract length during Monday night’s meeting.

The police department will also sell three Ford Crown Victorias and a Dodge Charger. The revenue from those sales will go toward the lease agreements.

Harr said he hopes the first of the new vehicles will be ready by the end of April.