Russell withdraws from district 4 school board race

Published 11:03 am Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Jay Russell said that he officially withdrew his name from the district 4 Board of Education race Wednesday morning.

Russell was set to run against Rebecca Buchanan Grubbs for the district 4 seat, which is being vacated by Ted Alford. He said a meeting with Grubbs changed his mind.

“First, I would like to express my gratitude to the constituents who encouraged me to qualify for the Troup County, District 4, Board of Education post,” Russell said.

“Their confidence in me is humbling. Second, I would like to thank my former opponent, Becky Grubbs, for taking time out of her day on Tuesday to meet with me to discuss issues and our respective philosophies. I am convinced that Mrs. Grubbs is up to the difficult task of serving on the school board. Her active passion for the students and teachers in Troup County clearly resonated during the conversation. Last and most important, I appreciate the support of my family. I firmly believe this decision is reflective of what is best for us as well.”

Russell is no longer listed under qualified candidates on the Secretary of State website.

Grubbs said in an email Wednesday that Russell would’ve been a worthy opponent.

“We seemed to have much in common, so it was hard for me to look at him as an opponent,” Grubbs said. “I am sure he would have been a very worthy competitor. I appreciate his honesty, our conversation and his willingness to serve. As I run for this seat, I run not as an experienced public figure, but as an educator who is very passionate about educating, truly educating, every child in Troup County at the present, and for the future to come. Education is the key and the foundation to move students forward and upward, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our children.”