Thank you and good luck moving forward

Published 8:17 pm Friday, March 16, 2018

March 16 was Brian Moncrief’s final day of work as the advertising manager of The LaGrange Daily News. Brian has chosen to pursue other endeavors moving forward, and leaves the Daily News as a valued friend and trusted colleague. I and we at The LaGrange Daily News have been fortunate to work alongside Brian, and are sure he will be successful as he changes career paths.

A staple of the LaGrange community, Brian rejoined the newspaper in late 2016, returning to work with a publication  he spent more than 15 years with earlier in his professional career. Brian came to the newspaper in a time of opportunity , and I can confidently say he is leaving your newspaper in a much better position than when he arrived. We are better and connecting with and serving advertising customers, part of our primary mission.

More impressive than Brian’s career  accomplishments, however, has been his attitude and demeanor through change and busy times. I can speak from experience, and share a quick memory to this end.

As publisher and leader of the newspaper, I joined the team here not long after a change of ownership. Our goals for the newspaper, how we organize to best serve readers and advertisers require a high level of productivity and change to how we do things. There is much opportunity, but much work to do.

One constant in the first 11 months of my tenure has been the smiling, jovial face and optimistic tone of Brian Moncrief. Brian, I can tell you with complete conviction that you have consistently made the work we have done enjoyable and meaningful, with your constant positivity and go-getter attitude. You positively impact all those you come in contact with, which is a gift few possess, and one overflowing in you.

The ease and grace with which you accepted and accompanied me and others through the transitions over the past year speak more toward your character than numbers ever could.

Thank you Brian, for your work and friendship, and good luck as you move forward.