Troup County Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending March 21

Published 6:24 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Randy Roydell Billingslea, 26, 140 North Davis Rd. 1130, LaGrange, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Crystal Renee Bradley, 37, 64 N Cary St Q74, LaGrange, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less, bond $1,000, in jail.

Sydney Maxwell Carroll, 20, 9530 Hogansville Rd., Hogansville, simple battery (FVA), simple assault (FVA), bond $0, in jail.

Kimberly Ann Cosley, 35, 105 Hazel Way, LaGrange, sentenced municipal, bond $0, released to another agency.

Lori Lee Crowder, 52, 4888 Hammett Rd., Hogansville, cruelty to child third degree: under 18 present or hears, FE statute, terroristic threats, bond $6,000, bonded out.

Michael Ray Etris, 43, 2029 County Rd 286, Five Point AL, DUI- less safe alcohol, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Robert Alexander Gibbons, 47,4030 Saslverde, Atlanta, operating vehicle with out driver’s license, expired tag, bond $0, bonded out.

Alisha Leola-Camille Green, 27, 201 N Lewis, LaGrange, production order/brought back to court, bond denied, bonded out.

Susan Denise Hand, 57, 16 Barnard Ave., LaGrange, production order/brought back to court, bond $0, released to other agency.

Chad Alan Hensley, 33, 1208 Verron St., LaGrange, driving on suspended/revoked license, bond $0, bonded out.

Tylus Kinta Lesley, 39, 913 Arizona St., Lagrange, battery (FVA), bond $2,000, bonded out.

Jeffrey Darnell McGruder, 33, 4177 Allie Rd., Greenville, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, no license on person, bond $1,500, bonded out.

Keyona D McLaughlin, 23, 12459 Highway 85, Woodbury, sentenced municipal, bond denied, in jail.

Robert Lee Merna, 32,21 Sinclair Dr., LaGrange, failure to appear (magistrate court), bond $500, bonded out.

Hubert Emil Miner, 32, 3195 Lovell Drive, Atlanta, sentenced superior, bond denied, released on time served.

Huy Nang Nguyen, 51, 118 Twelve Oaks Dr., LaGrange, driving on suspended/revoked licenses, bond $5,000,bonded out.

Joshua Drew Perry, 43, 268 South Glenn Rd., two counts of failure to appear (state), probation violation (state), three counts of returned by bondsman, bond $0, in jail.

Thomas Camp Rainey Jr, 47,822 New Franklin Rd 4, LaGrange, battery (FVA), bond $2,000, bonded out.

Millie Tynettia Thomas, 42, 26397 Highway 77, Wadley, AL, probation violation (superior), bond denied, in jail.