Today is Red Cross Giving Day

Published 5:11 pm Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Last week the American Red Cross of Central Midwest Georgia held its annual hometown hero breakfast and 10 locals were honored for their impact in the community. We wrote a story about those 10 individuals and also an editorial, reflecting on the difference they make in this community.

It was a great time and a true reflection on how people from all kinds of different backgrounds can have a big impact on our city and county. There were three law enforcement officers, a retired city councilwoman, a woman focused on making reading fun and a man who donates a good chunk of his time to make sure people stay warm during the cold times of the year. And that’s a description of only about half of those honored.

The point is  anyone can be a hero.

Today everyone gets a chance to give back during the American Red Cross’ fourth annual Giving Day. The goal of the nationwide effort is to raise enough money to help 25,000 families.

The funds go toward providing food, shelter and other essentials to people who have dealt with a crisis. That could be a home fire or a natural disaster and just about anything in between.

According to the Red Cross website, a gift of $88.50 can provide a family with a day’s worth of food, plus blankets and other essentials.

Of course, any donation would be appreciated. The Red Cross says that every eight minutes they meet a family that has lost everything to a fire or disaster. A lot of times those numbers don’t hit home until it involves a family member or someone we know, but the truth is that the Red Cross always is helping someone. The local chapter of the Red Cross serves 20 counties, including Troup, and its volunteers are always responding to life-changing events.

There are a lot of worthy nonprofits and charities that do work in Troup County. It’s difficult for everyday people to donate to all of them, and we understand that.

But on Wednesday, the Red Cross’ fundraiser will set a lofty goal, hoping to help people all over this country that will one day be dealing with one of the worst moments of their lives. Unfortunately, fires and natural disasters aren’t going anywhere.

Thanks to fundraisers like the one today, the Red Cross will be there to help when they do. To give visit