Troup’s Sargent heading to LaGrange College

Published 1:52 pm Saturday, March 31, 2018


Daily News

He’s staying at home.

Troup’s Myles Sargent is going to continue playing soccer after high school, and he won’t have to leave home to do it.

Sargent is set to join the LaGrange College men’s soccer program, and he celebrated that decision during a ceremony in the Troup High media center on Friday afternoon.

It was a packed house, with those closest to Sargent there to enjoy the moment with him, including friends, family members, teammates, teachers and coaches.

“It meant everything (to have them in attendance),” Sargent said. “They’re the reason I’m here.”

Sargent’s decision to attend LaGrange College was solidified this spring when he got the opportunity to play for some members of the school’s soccer team.

A handful of LaGrange College soccer players, including freshman Andrew Valbuena, have served as Troup’s coaches this spring.

“I’ve always liked LaGrange College, and having them here sealed the deal,” Sargent said.

Valbuena remembers the first time he saw Sargent, and he knew he had talent.

“We got here for the first day of tryouts, and the first thing I noticed was this goofy kid with blonde hair,” Valbuena said. “I was like, he might be a little goofy, but he’s a good player. He’s got good touch on the field.”

From that initial practice in February, Valbuena has seen Sargent develop.

“Ever since the beginning of the season, we’ve seen you grow tremendously,” Sargent said. “He’s gone from a good player, to a college player. You play faster, you play smarter. That’s what the college level is. It’s about being smart, and being fast. He’s really grown into that position. I’m really excited to see you next year.”

Candice Morgan, Troup’s head coach, said “we’re very proud of Myles and all of his amazing accomplishments. I expect you to do great things in college.”

Morgan’s son Hunter is a member of the Troup soccer team.

“I’ve known him since he was an eighth-grader. He and Hunter used to play together,” Morgan said. “I’ve got to see him grown in the guy he is. Really, he just loves soccer. He’s always wanted to play.

“You can see the will and desire he has to become the best he can be. LaGrange College is very, very lucky to have him as a player. I think he’ll go far.”