Summer festival idea discussed in Hogansville

Published 6:27 pm Thursday, April 5, 2018

A series of summer festivals were presented to the Hogansville City Council during Monday night’s meeting.

Rob Goldstein, a co-owner of Wild Leap Brew Co. in LaGrange, represented Pioneer Group for the presentation. If approved by the council, the proposed summer festivals would be a joint effort between Wild Leap, Pioneer Group and Karvelas Pizza Company, and would likely start in June with possibly one festival a month through September.

“The idea was that we would create something that is scalable, much like Hummingbird Festival,” Goldstein said. “Something that brings together the community.”

The proposed festivals would include live music and would start in the afternoon and last until 9 or 10 p.m., Goldstein said. There would also be vendors and food sales.

Goldstein said the festivals would ideally take place in the train depot area and also on Commerce Street.

“We were requesting as a result of closing down Commerce Street, that we would have an open container license for one day to host this, with the hopes of it being a great success and to follow that up with one of these events once a month until the fall,” Goldstein said.

Council member Theresa Strickland asked whether the city would be liable for anything that went wrong at the concert. Mayor Bill Stankiewicz said there would be a clause in the contract to remove the city’s liability. City Attorney Jeff Todd recommended the city review the City of LaGrange’s policy on special events to see how LaGrange has handled events like this in the past.

“That would be a good thing for you all to look at to see how they answered all these questions that you are bringing up,” Todd said.

Council member Marichal Price asked about having children around alcohol during the events. Goldstein compared it to going to a fair or a concert. He said that everyone old enough to drink will have a wristband and that they’ve had little to no problems at other similar festivals they’ve been in charge of.

“There will be alcohol there but as a result of this being an event geared toward families, the knucklehead factor remains pretty low as a result of past ones that we’ve done,” Goldstein said.

Stankiewicz directed Pioneer Group to present the idea to the Downtown Development Authority. He said it would be best for the DDA to bring it back to the council, and Goldstein agreed.