Troup County Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending April 5

Published 6:32 pm Thursday, April 5, 2018

Jacari Jonta Atkinson, 32, 1072 Riverwood Dr., Valley AL., marijuana- trafficking, bond $10,000, bonded out.

Darian Kshaun Brown, 21, 1281 Whites Mill Rd., Valley AL., production order/brought back to court, bond denied, in jail.

Howard Cleveland III, 31, 2004 Columbia St., Louisville, driving on suspended/revoked license, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, bond $2,000, in jail.

Rodney Antonio Davidson, 48, 902 Juniper Street, LaGrange, simple assault (fva), cocaine-possession, bond $4,000, bonded out.

Demonte Reishard Dawson, 27, 959 John Wayne Circle, Fort Walton Beach FL., failure to appear (superior), bond denied, in jail.

Nairobi Eduardo Diaz Morales, 19, 1407 Park Place, LaGrange, operating vehicle without headlights/lights requirement, operating vehicle without driver’s license, bond $1500, bonded out.

Roderiqus Deshawn Gates, 30, 515 South Lee St., LaGrange, driving on suspended/revoked license, speeding 24-33 mph over the speed limit, bond $3,000, bonded out.

Charles Anthony Heard, 57, 409 Whitesville St., LaGrange, possession of a drug related object, cocaine-possession, bond $6,000, in jail.

Dennis Grant Hester Jr., 37, 2017 Hines Rd 15, Hogansville, simple battery (fva), criminal trespass (fva), bond $3,000, bonded out.

Kevin Charles Hickman, 36, 396 Power Plant Road, Hogansville, battery (fva), harassing communication, bond $3,000, bonded out.

James Michael Holloway Jr., 31, 3019 Old West Point Road, LaGrange, disorderly conduct (city), bond $1,000, bonded out.

Jacqueline G Howard, 54, 2004 Columbia St., Louisville KY, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, bond $1,000, in jail.

Angela Denise Jackson, 46, 150 Turner St., LaGrange, DUI-less safe-alcohol, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Adrianna Michelle Martinez, 19, 403 Cooley Rd., LaGrange, simply battery (fva), bond denied, in jail.

Tee Jay McDonald, 24, 64 Chase Rd., LaGrange, failure to appear (LaGrange), probation violation (LaGrange), bond $0, released on time served.

Shannon D Parrish, 42, 2004 Columbia St., Louisville KY., possession of marijuana less than an ounce, bond $1,000, in jail.

Naomi Irene Payne, 60, 134 Church Ave., Pine Mountain, theft by shoplifting (misd)$500 or less, theft by shoplifting more than $500 (4th conviction), bond $6,000, in jail.

Caltavious Laquez Roberts, 23,1718 24th Street, Lanett AL., probation violation (LaGrange), bond denied, released on time served.

Joshua Allen Savell, 31, 20779 SE Elmore Ave., Blountstown FL., theft-other (felony), bond $8,000, bonded out.

Ashley Nicole Stroud, 28, 6 Robertson St., LaGrange, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Dexter Bernard Thomas, 46, 127 Jasmine Ln, LaGrange, probation violation (superior), bond denied, in jail.

Albert Tucker Jr., 52, 217 Cedar St., LaGrange, failure to appear (state), bond denied, in jail.

Brice Cantrell Williams, 36, 704 Hill St., LaGrange, battery (fva), bond $0, in jail.