Travel shop plans to build in West Point

Published 10:30 pm Sunday, April 8, 2018

By Steven Thomas
The Valley Times-News

WEST POINT — It cannot be denied that West Point and the rest of the Greater Valley Area sees a lot of traffic, mostly thanks to Interstate 85.

That emphasis on travel has spurred many developments over the years and another one might be just around the corner.

West Point Community Development Director Dennis Dutton announced Thursday during a meeting of the West Point Rotary Club that a Love’s Travel Stop and adjoining Hardee’s restaurant were looking at setting up at exit two on Interstate 85 North.

“The rumor has been going around,” Dutton said. “Yes, Love’s is looking at coming to exit two.”

The business would include a fueling center and tire service center for the trucks, Dutton added.

Despite the overall positive news, Dutton warned those in attendance not to get too excited just yet as the project was still in the planning phase.

“We are working with the Department of Transportation on that,” he said. “We’re making sure their access, entrances and exits, meet whatever requirements there are. We [the City of West Point] do have some road plans.”

The announcement by Dutton has been confirmed by Kealey Dorian, Media Relations Specialist for Love’s

“Love’s plans to build a travel stop in West Point at Interstate 85, exit two,” she said in an email statement. “We hope to start construction this winter and be open by fall 2019. The location will feature a travel stop, Love’s Truck Tire Care Center and Hardee’s restaurant. We’re excited to move forward with this process and eventually become part of the West Point community.”

The project has been in the works for several months now, Dutton said, noting that the company was already looking at setting up in the area and was trying to decide what side of the border to set up on.

West Point officials were happy about this news.

“I think it would be good with our truck traffic,” Mayor Steve Tramell said. “Love’s is nationally known, and I think it would be good for us.”

The update from Dutton was given as part of a larger discussion he gave on the responsibilities of the Community Development Director. This includes working on the areas already developed plus looking at what else could be brought in. All of this is expected to line up with a comprehensive plan set in place for the city.