Troup County Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending April 10

Published 7:27 pm Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Rassaah Untiwan Brooks, 38, 5000 Revis Street D, LaGrange, probation violation (state), obstruction, theft by shoplifting more than $500 (felony), probation violation (superior), bond denied, released to another agency.

Daniel Delane Cook, 36, 47438 Silva A, Wilmington, NC, public intoxication, bond $0, bond denied.

Shaniqua Nichelle Gates, 27, 144 Martha St., LaGrange, theft by shoplifting less than $500 (fourth conviction), bond $5,000, bonded out.

A minor, tampering with/influencing witness, possession of a handgun under 21 (misdemeanor), bond $3,000, in jail.

Eddie Eugene Gilmer, 40, 439 Thomas Dr., Forrest Park, public drunkenness, criminal trespass, bond $2,000, in jail.

Michael Shannon Hand, 31, 16 Barnard Ave., LaGrange, amphetamine-possession, probation violation (superior), three counts of sentenced superior, possession of drugs, weapons, alcohol by inmate (felony), bond denied/ $5,000, released to another agency.

Ollie Cassandra Hardy, 46, 210 Cato St., LaGrange, failure to appear (LaGrange), bond $1,500, bonded out.

Austin Daniel Herndon, 20, 164 Buck Murphy Rd., LaGrange, simple battery (family violence act), simple assault (family violence act), bond denied, released on time served.

Cindy Faye Hill, 32, 205 Askew Ave., Hogansville, tampering with/influencing witness, harassing communication, bond $2,500, bonded out.

Willie Harold Jackson, 200 Frederick Ave., Hogansville, driving on suspended/revoked license, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Enchanta Marquette Jones, 30, 119 Old Airport Rd. 269, LaGrange, probation violation (state), bond $0, in jail.

Andre Rashad Joyner, 36, 5312 Cattaill Lane D, Atlanta, theft by conversion-banking institution, bond $6,400, bonded out.

Joshua Keith McIntyre, 28, 1506 Lafayette Parkway 1099, LaGrange, driving on suspended/revoked license, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Sergio Bartista Rosas, 40, 107 Cox St., LaGrange, operating vehicle without driver’s license, speeding 6-10 mph over speed limit, bond $1,500, in jail.

Dashianna Lenque Smith, 20, 247 Rutland Circle, LaGrange, failure to appear (LaGrange), bond $1,500, bonded out.

Avery William Taylor, 21, 303 Harwell Ave., LaGrange, TPO violation, bond $5,000, in jail.

Braelen Delawrence Thornton, 21, 1403 Elm St., LaGrange, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Cody A White, 26, 299 Co Rd. 61, Roanoke AL., nine counts of forgery 3rd degree, 10 counts of financial card fraud, 10 counts of identity fraud, bond $39,000, in jail.

Clifton Curtis Woods, 43, 802 Houston St., LaGrange, theft-other, obstruction, indecent exposure (city), sentenced superior, bond denied, released on time served.