Foster running for chairman for Troup County Commission

Published 8:00 pm Friday, April 13, 2018

Tripp Foster is running for chairman of the Troup County Commission. He is a lifelong resident of Troup County. He and his wife Staci have two children — Cal, a senior at Troup High School and Ali, a college student.

Foster has 30 years of public experience, with 15 years of those in Troup County government. He is certified by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government as a county commissioner. Foster has also been in private business for 31 years.

Foster believes that change occurs after taking practical steps, not by chanting slogans or giving speeches.

His platform consists of five steps: economic development, public safety, budget, education and recreation and tourism.

Foster believes the county should continue economic development and growth, working hand-in-hand with LaGrange, West Point and Hogansville in attracting new businesses and making it easier for entrepreneurs to start or grow a business.

Under public safety, Foster wants the alleviation of crime and keeping community members safe while focusing upon retention and stability for county employees.

Under budget, Foster said it takes fiscal responsibility and raising the level of service and maintaining roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and parks, without raising taxes.

In education, Foster said he will work with the Troup County School Board to provide a safe and nurturing environment and prepare students to be responsible, healthy, engaged, self-aware citizens and experts in the performance of a socially useful task.

For recreation and tourism, Foster said he plans to increase and improve recreation programs at public parks and facilities at the Troup County Recreation Program.

He said he will work hard to provide citizens with positive, productive leadership dedicated to building for the future. For more information, follow him on Facebook at Tripp Foster for Troup Chairman 2018.