Grubbs a candidate for seat on board of education

Published 9:19 pm Sunday, April 15, 2018

Becky Grubbs is a candidate for the District Four seat on the Troup County Board of Education. Grubbs is a retired first grade teacher who taught for 23 of her 33 years in the elementary schools of LaGrange City and Troup County School Systems. She retired in 2004, and for the 14 years since, she has worked with and continued to teach children of LaGrange. Grubbs’ work has been done through the churches, Camp Viola and a ministry she shares with Faye Benjamin, known as My Father’s House.

As a child of an extended family of educators, school was always a top priority for Grubbs.  While her brothers and sisters were playing ball and cheerleading, she was reading. Although Grubbs declared often that she would never be a teacher, in her junior year of college she found herself making the decision to teach in the early grades, and she never turned back.  For all the years of her teaching career, she loved the children, loved the process of teaching loved the excitement of 6 and 7-year-old children when they discovered that they could read, too.

Grubbs said she made the decision to run for a school board seat because she thinks that it is very important for any school board to include those who have worked in the school environment.

She said it is important for teachers and parents to have a listening ear and a voice on a board, which is given the sacred responsibility of teaching and training the children who are our future. Grubbs said she pledged to take that responsibility seriously because all children deserve the best education possible.