Male choral group prepares for upcoming spring concert

Published 11:01 pm Monday, April 16, 2018

First Presbyterian Church echoed with the voices of 33 men on Monday as the Sons of Lafayette prepared for their spring concert.

The concert will take place on Sunday at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church. This year the concert will center around the theme “Then Sings My Soul,” a classic hymn. The performance will also feature a dedication to the Rev. Billy Graham.

“The focus of the entire concert is the heartfelt and the soul-felt emphasis that music brings to us, that allows us to experience life in a positive manner and to meet the needs of others and to share with them the message of Christ,” said Don McWhorter, the president of the board of executive officers for the Sons of Lafayette.

The arrangements of Mary McDonald will also play a prominent role in the concert, which will feature primarily pieces that have not been performed by the Sons of Lafayette to an audience before.

“All of these pieces with the exception of two are new pieces for us,” McWhorter said. “Although they are familiar to people because a lot of them are hymns, there are only two pieces that we have presented before out of the entire repertoire, so they will have a new experience.”

The members of the Sons of Lafayette have been practicing for this concert since January, and they hope that more men will join the group to practice for the next concert.

“Our guys really enjoy the comradeship that we have with one another or fellowship,” McWhorter said.

“They just enjoy being together. It is not just singing together. It is a lot of fun. We get together and have a lot of fun. It’s what we do. It just so happens that we sing also.”

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