Oliver a candidate for the Congressional third district

Published 11:02 pm Monday, April 16, 2018

Rusty Oliver is running to represent the third district of Georgia in the U.S. Congress.

Oliver is a former biologist for The Nature Conservancy of Georgia at Fort Benning. Oliver is currently in his 22nd year of teaching high school science to students in Troup, Muscogee and Harris Counties. Since making his decision to run, Oliver said he has traveled to all 13 counties in the district to listen to the diverse concerns of residents. If elected, he said he will hold real town halls, open to any constituent. 

Oliver said he decided to run for office because he has not felt represented living and working in the third district. Oliver said he has served the community through teaching and now feels that he must do more to ensure that former students live in a place where government works for them.

Oliver was born in Georgia and developed his platform by living and working in this area of the state for 24 years. He said he will work for the things that will benefit West Georgia and not the top 2 percent wage earners nationwide.

He said he believes in supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution, healthcare for all, elevating broadband internet access to the level of a utility, raising the minimum wage to $15, fighting climate destabilization, protecting elections and the voting process, providing better support for active duty military, veterans and veteran families and rebuilding infrastructure.

If he is elected, Oliver believes his connection to the voters will be reflected in his votes in Washington. He said he understands the people of the third district and has learned that despite the differences, there are common threads to be found.