Satanic cults alive and doing well

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2018

It is without a doubt that the innocence and vulnerability of a teenager can without intervention, lead to their being perceived as prey by those with evil and malicious intentions.

The teenage years for most are times that as adults, we look back at having been enjoyable and carefree. For some teens, however, their lives are miserable. Too often, these teens are perceived as loners and are often made fun of by other students. They typically come from dysfunctional families characterized by abuse and on occasion, neglect.

To achieve happiness, they seek the company of others like themselves. This can potentially become a recipe for disaster. Finally, finding comfort in being with others who are also looked at as outcasts, they often turn to drugs, gangs and even to Satanic cults. Research, in fact, indicates that cults usually go after single, white and middle-class and upper-middle-class young people.

Remember Charles Manson, America’s most famous criminal and cult leader? He was recently the subject of several television documentaries. In the 1960s he preyed upon innocent young people, some teenagers who were detached from their families, causing them to commit heinous acts of murder that shocked even seasoned criminal investigators. He became their God and cult leader.

For the record, Satanic cults do appear to be on the rise in this country and around the world. It is believed that there are more than 4 million young people actively involved in Satanism in the United States. As expected, the cults appear to recruit rebellious teenagers.

Signs that teenagers are engaged or interested in Satanism can include occult drawings on their books or notebooks. Parents of kids who’ve engaged in Satanism remember earlier having discovered in their children’s rooms a diary called “A Book of Shadows” – filled with strange signs, symbols and pentagrams. Parents also reported that children evidenced behavior such as being unusually interested in the Bible. Not surprising to researchers who state that the interest is disingenuous and directed at learning more about Satan and how to blaspheme the scriptures. As teenagers become more entrenched in Satanism, they secure new names and increasingly change their style, dress and behavior. This includes dressing in dark clothes, boys growing long fingernails, going to gatherings of parties on nights important to Satanists or any night with a full or new moon.

What if you discovered that your child is dabbling in Satanism or the occult?

First, keep calm. Don’t lose your temper. Let them know that you love them and are concerned about their well-being. Warn them of the dangers associated with Satanism, witchcraft and occult practices. It may be wise to contact your pastor or an organization that specializes in working with youth dabbling in occult activities.

Parents, here’s what you need to know: Dabbling in Satanism is not just a phase a child will outgrow. You should immediately seek help.