Take this job and love it

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Take this job and love it. Someone asked me why I still sell so much property.

I gave them a big smile and answered, “I love what I do. I help people.” I focus on making people find their goals. Sometimes it is someone selling their big house because they are getting older and need a small home. Sometimes, like this year, one person was driving from Macon every morning, and he bought his first home.

Now he knows he has close to 30 hours that used to be driving time to spend with his family, not on the road each week.

My job is to listen and see what I can to make their life better.

My point, if you want to love your job, look and see what you can do to find your very best job. If you do your job with passion you will never “work” and you will find yourself blessed. 

don’t chase

two rabbits


f you chase two rabbits you will not catch a rabbit, period. Dave Ramsey talks about having goals to retire with the right numbers so that you do not have to eat dog food when you retire.

Yes, some people do eat dog food, I have read. Back to the two rabbits. I see so many people who will go buy the fancy watch or leather coat, but if they put that $700 in their retirement account that money might be worth $2,200 down the road.

We need to think about it like this, do we really need that other watch or fancy ring? It is need or want?

Dave, like me, is saying sit down with your mate and make some choices that will be wise choices for your future and stop chasing all those rabbits!

You’re not going to catch them anyway.