The Thread is good for Eastside Park

Published 7:05 pm Monday, April 23, 2018

There is a lot of talk in LaGrange about development. Downtown LaGrange has undergone a major transformation within the last decade, and a similarly spectacular transformation is expected to take place at exit 13 due to the introduction of Great Wolf Lodge, the Georgia International Business Park and a major shopping center at that location.

It would be easy for neighborhoods and former mill villages within the city limits to get lost in this shuffle of growth. However, on Saturday, LaGrange saw proof that growth and transformation are extending into the Calumet community with the grand opening of the second segment of The Thread at Eastside Park.

The park was full of visitors for the event, many of whom were visiting the area for the first time. However, some visitors reminisced over baseball games that were played in the park decades earlier.

The hope, of course, is that decades from now, LaGrange residents will be able to not only enjoy the park but reminisce over it as well. The Thread is only the first step toward that goal though.

The City of LaGrange plans to renovate the park to encourage people of all ages to visit and form those lasting memories there. City leaders hope that Eastside Park will become a recreation destination similar to Granger Park.

Additionally, Troup County Parks and Recreation hopes to schedule events in the park in the future and utilize the space. 

We are glad to see this positive growth on its way to the Calumet community, but for right now, we are just excited about this new section of trail. It will give runners a new place to exercise off the roads. It will give children a new place to learn to ride their bikes and race scooters. It will give the community a new place to get to know one another.