April Marriages

Published 5:00 pm Sunday, May 6, 2018

Billy Meeks and Courtney Funderburk

Daryl Mitchell and Elizabeth Dunlap

Steven Crowder and Autumn Harlan-Tucker

Ryan Slaton and Consquella Cotton

Kelly Melson and Kisha Sims

David Harry and Michelle Leady

Alex Stpreux and Shavonne Daniel

Timothy Wood and Nancy Pritchett

Odilio Ramos and Teresa Lopez

Jeffery Greathouse and Mary Mae Cole

Stantwan Crawford and Kameeka Cameron

Damian Yerger and Sabrina Sweeley

Oscar Ayar and Lusbin Villataro Martine

Filogonio Sandoval and Cheyenne Brown

Phillip Wilson and Toya Duffey

Joel Nivens and Kaylin  Hyatt

Michael Dyer and Lorrie Manley

Felipe Rodriquez and Martha Cavazos Vega

Desmond Watson and Zoe Herring

Russell Rowell and Anthony Lindsey

Gary Danoys and Brandy Johns

Rickcho Davidson and Brittany Tucker

Thomas Scott and Virginia Nieves

Jonathan Bishop and Ashley Carter

Ryan Blount and Alexis McPhail

Jordan Martinec and Heather Heath

Alexis Lopez and Keila Hidalgo

Kamara Brown and Christopher Gonzalez

Thomas Dennis and Cynthia Karpik

James Brown and Clara Keith

Carl Eubanks and Carrie Jones

Robert Hight and Charlotte Sparyberry

Morgan Wright and Chelsey Hall

Donald Lancaster and Tammy Dozier

Bren Fuller and Cierra Jones

Terrance Dowell and Natasha Ford

Joshua Currie and Morgan Brooks

Thaxter Traylor and Erica Marbury

Damien Ransom and Tenishia Render