Troup Marches for Babies: Community raises more than $50,000 for March of Dimes

Published 8:53 pm Sunday, May 6, 2018

The lawn in front of Hollis Hand filled with excited walkers Saturday morning, as the community prepared for the March for Babies.

The walk is part of March for Dimes, which is in its 80th year.

“Many of you [at Troup March for Babies] have a story just like ours. All of us are connected either by a shared experience or a shared commitment to helping families experience the joy of a healthy baby,” said Lindsey Truitt, part of this year’s ambassador family for the Troup walk. “Our daughter faced a rough start, and that is a difficult thing for parents to deal with.”

Stella Truitt was born at 25 weeks and 5 days gestational age at 1 pound, 10 ounces. It was eight days before her mother was allowed to hold Stella. She lived in the neonatal, intensive care unit for the first 66 days of her life. She weighed 4 pounds, 1 ounce when she went home for the first time.  

“This was the most beautiful and terrifying, life-changing experience we’ve ever had,” Lindsey Truitt said. “Our journey wasn’t easy, but we are proud to be with you today to march together so that every baby can have the best possible start.”

On Saturday, Stella sat in her parents’ arms watching the surrounding crowd, but she was far from the only baby in the crowd who had benefited from March of Dimes.

“When you march for babies, you make a statement about the world that you want to live in,” said Dr. Lacy Tumambing, the 2018 Troup March for Babies Chair. “One in which healthy moms and strong babies are a priority for us all. This year we have raised quite a bit of money to fund critical work, and we will still have some active national campaigns, as well as local teams still working hard to achieve or even surpass our goals. Your efforts will have a direct impact on millions of lives from funding critical community programs to helping March of Dimes research the causes of premature birth to providing information, care and comfort to NICU families and so much more.”

Tumambing is a local pediatrician, and she said that every baby benefits from the work March of Dimes does.

“Every baby that comes through my office has benefitted from March of Dimes either through newborn screens or research that has been done to help make sure that all babies are healthy,” Tumambing said. “So, it is very important to me that we continue to fund this great cause.”

The final fundraising amounts were not listed on the March of Dimes website as of Sunday, partially due to the fact that fundraising is expected to continue for months to come.

“Just because we have the walk today, you don’t have to stop fundraising,” said Carla Starling, the March of Dimes development manager for the southern Georgia market. “We have all year long to accept donations. However, if you are trying to earn one of our rewards, you have until June 30.”

Interface, Sewon America, The Medicine Cabinet and The Children’s Clinic Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine all donated $1,500 or more to March of Dimes before the event on Saturday. Alpha Phi Alpha – Theta Nu Lambda raised $7,748, according to the March of Dimes website, and the team from Publix raised over $5,000 locally, according to Starling.

Pediatric Associates of LaGrange won the contest for best t-shirts. 

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