Teacher appreciation week

Published 10:23 pm Monday, May 7, 2018

The school year is coming to an end. In a few weeks students and teachers alike will be out of school for the summer.

Well, the students will be out of school. Many teachers will lead camps, plan for the next year and take part in training sessions. Local teachers are often the ones leading the charge in making sure that there are plenty of summer camps to prevent the dreaded summer slide, which can result in two months loss in reading achievement in some students. 

So, with the end of the school year swiftly approaching — and summer camps just around the bend — what better time than now to show teachers our appreciation for the hard work they do throughout the school year?

That thank you can be as simple as a heartfelt note from a student. 

Now, we realize that the majority of our readers graduated more than a few years, ago, but that doesn’t mean that this doesn’t apply to you too. When is the last time you told that teacher who changed your life — you know the one — thank you? If they are still around, then we are sure that they would appreciate knowing that they changed your life for the better. The number of years between when you took their class and present will only serve to highlight the difference that they made in your life because you still remember the lessons they taught years or even decades later.

If you can’t get in touch with that teacher though for whatever reason, we encourage you to still reach out and ask if the teachers at your alma matter need assistance. These teachers may not be the same committed souls who walked the halls when you were a student, but they work just as hard. 

So, let’s all gather together as a community and say thank you.