Barrientos’ artwork features plenty of color

Published 9:57 pm Thursday, May 10, 2018

Constellations of color characterize the work of Jaasiel Barrientos, whose work has become a regular feature at art shows in the LaGrange area over the last few years.

Barrientos’ paintings have been displayed at the LaGrange Art Museum, The Suffering Artist in Hogansville, the Autumn Leaves Art Show in Valley and the Hillside Food, Music & Art Festival. His work can easily be picked out of the crowd by the vibrant play of colors.

“I like to think that my art is full of color and how the colors interact with each other,” Barrientos said. “Most of my paintings look like scenes from space, but that is not necessarily my inspiration. My inspiration is how the colors interact with each other and how I blend the colors and the different techniques of blending and creating texture — that is what I am thinking about when I am making a painting.”

Barrientos is originally from Mexico, but he moved to LaGrange in 2000. He began to study art while in LaGrange, and his developing style and technique can be seen in his work.

“When I decided to become an artist, I decided to start doing landscapes and portraits like everybody else, but it was taking me too long to be good at it,” Barrientos said. “Then my former teacher from West Georgia Tech, James Arnold, taught me how to do abstract art, so I started doing abstract art. I started getting excellent reviews, and I started selling paintings.”

His work is currently on display at Leigh & Paige Fine Art Gallery in Columbus and Artisans on the Square in Greeneville.

Though those familiar with his work may be surprised to view one of his newer styles of paintings, which mixes abstract technique with landscapes.

“Later on — when I had the opportunity to have my own show — I decided to go back to landscapes, but this time using the techniques that I use doing my abstract work,” Barrientos said.

He said that he was inspired to experiment with the style due to the influence of some of his early art education.

“It was an idea that came up later as I started developing my own technique based on the teachings of James Arnold,” Barrientos said. “The idea to incorporate those techniques into other kinds of art — like abstracts and portraits — came up, and I decided to start doing landscapes first. Maybe I’ll try portraits later on, but I’m always improving and changing my techniques.”

Like any artist, Barrientos’ work has been influenced by those around him, and he said LaGrange’s artistic community has encouraged him to continue painting and learning.

“I am a member of the Visual Artist Alliance of LaGrange, and they have shows. One of the shows is going to be at the Artisans on the Square Gallery [in Greenville] next month,” Barrientos said. “It encourages me to keep painting and create new art. It is a great art community, very supportive and great friends.”

Barrientos had his first solo show in October, and he considers it a success due to the positive reception and sales that the show inspired.

“I have been working as a manager in two galleries in Greenville, and I had the opportunity to have a solo show,” Barrientos said.

“I filled a big room with more than 40 paintings. I made 15 paintings is in one month just to get ready for that show.”

He said that working in art galleries has made it easier for him to grow as an artist and devote time to his art.

“Working in these two galleries in Greenville has really improved my life,” Barrientos said. “It is like the best thing that has ever happened to me so far. … Being in the art community, it’s basically a dream come true. It is great working with them.”

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