Troup soccer player heading to LaGrange College

Published 11:11 am Saturday, May 19, 2018


Daily News

When Adreanna Creed first began playing recreation soccer, as her then coach Mike Webb said, “I don’t think she knew a soccer ball from a basketball.”

Things have changed in a big way.

After a successful stint as a player at Troup High, Creed is set to join the soccer team at LaGrange College.

Creed celebrated that achievement last week, with her family members, friends, teammates, and coaches there to celebrate the moment with her.

“It means a lot (to have that support),” Creed said. “Usually, I’m on my own, so my teammates have helped me way more than they know.”

Creed wasn’t sure what to expect when she expressed an interest in becoming a member of the LaGrange College soccer team.

Fortunately for Creed, reaching out paid dividends.

“I filled out a recruitment form, and the coach (Fred Wagenaar) messaged me and said I want to come watch you practice,” Creed said. “So he watched me practice, and he came to my game, and he said I want to sign you, and do you want to come play?”

Creed began playing soccer on the Troup County Parks and Recreation level seven years ago, and her coach was Webb.

While she may have had a lot to learn, Webb said “you could see in her eyes that she had a desire, and was willing to learn.”

Webb eventually coached Creed at Troup as well, and he introduced her during the ceremony last week.

“Adreanna has always been a hard worker,” he said. “She exemplifies what it means to be a Troup Tiger, and what it means to be a soccer player.”

While Troup struggled to find success during her time at the school, Creed enjoyed being a part of the soccer program, mainly because of the kinship she developed with her teammates.

“Building the relationships has helped us through the winning and the losing,” she said. “It’s been really hard during the four years, to go uphill and downhill, but the support has helped a lot.”