Nearly 2,000 in Troup Co. voted early

Published 6:43 pm Monday, May 21, 2018

The early voting numbers are in for Troup County, and the turnout is about what you’d expect for a governor’s race, according to election supervisor Andrew Harper.

In all, 1,954 people in Troup County participated in early voting, according to Harper. The majority of that number — 1,853 people — voted in-person. The other 101 ballots were accepted by mail. There are 37,775 active registered voters in Troup County, Harper said.

The majority of early voters cast a ballot in the Republican primary. There were 1,333 votes cast in-person in the Republican primary and another 60 by mail. A total of 555 people cast an early ballot in the Democratic primary, with 515 of those ballots being filled out during in-person voting.

According to Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s website, 340,319 people in Georgia asked for an absentee or provisional ballot or already voted in-person. According to numbers on the SOS website, more than 299,000 took part in in-person early voting. Overall in early voting, there were slightly more Republican early voters (about 53 percent) than Democrats (about 46 percent). Another 1 percent voted in only the non-partisan races. 

Early voting started on April 30 in Georgia and ended on Friday.

Tuesday’s election includes races for Troup County commission chairman, three school board seats, governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and many Senate and House seats.

Fifteen precincts will be used for Tuesday’s election:

  • Precinct 1, Hollis Hand precinct at Hollis Hand School, 641 Country Club Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 2, Administration Building precinct at Admin Building, 900 Dallis St, LaGrange, GA  30241.
  • Precinct 3, Hammett Road precinct at Faith Baptist Church, 552 Hammett Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 4, Griggs Center precinct at Griggs Rec Center, 716 Glenn Robertson St, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 5, West Point precinct at Technology Building, 611 O G Skinner Dr, West Point, GA  31833.
  • Precinct 6, Hogansville precinct at the Hogansville Public Library, 310 Johnson Street, Hogansville, GA  30230.
  • Precinct 7, East Vernon precinct at East Vernon Baptist Church,  2918 Roanoke Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 8, Rosemont precinct at Rosemont Elementary School, 4679 Hamilton Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 9, Mountville precinct at Mountville Elementary School, 4117 Greenville Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 10, McClendon precinct at Hillcrest Elementary, 3116 Robert Hayes Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 11, Long Cane precinct at Grace Baptist Church, 3731 West Point Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 12, Gardner Newman precinct at Board of Education, 100 N Davis Rd, LaGrange, GA  30241.
  • Precinct 13, Gray Hill precinct at Gray Hill Rec Center,  3600 Bartley Rd, West Point, GA  31833.
  • Precinct 14, unavailable. Precinct 14 has been phased out, but the precinct numbers otherwise remain the same.
  • Precinct 15, Highland precinct at Troup High School, 1920 Hamilton Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.
  • Precinct 16, Northside precinct at Hope Academy, 200 Mooty Bridge Rd, LaGrange, GA  30240.

For questions about voter registration and which precinct you should vote in, visit