Why it’s important to vote today

Published 7:04 pm Monday, May 21, 2018

Just a few months ago, voters in Troup County went to the polls to elect new mayors. In that election, the voter turnout was down from the 2016 presidential election, but that wasn’t unexpected.

However, unlike the president, who is often dealing with national issues that may or may not directly affect your every day life, the three local mayors and city council members elected in November do have an actual say on what happens in LaGrange and Troup County.

Yet, in that election, only about one in every five registered voters in Troup County participated.

We’re hoping for a better turnout today, as voters once again go to the polls to elect the Troup County commission chairman and school board leaders. The individuals elected to these positions will have a say on the future of LaGrange and Troup County.

You get to have your say now, by voting for the person you think is most qualified and will do the best job. It’s important to make the most of it by going to your voting precinct and taking a few minutes to cast a ballot.

Of course, we’re also hoping you did some research on each candidate, whether they be local or statewide. It’s important to not only just vote, but to be an informed voter with a stake in the future of the community we all live in.

We hope to see long lines at the polls Tuesday, as people join the nearly 2,000 in Troup County that took advantage of early voting.

On Wednesday, it’ll be too late, at least in local primaries.

Take a few minutes Tuesday, cast your vote and play a role in the future of LaGrange and Troup County.