Freeman chasing his dream

Published 12:39 pm Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Daily News

His time as a Baltimore Raven was short-lived.

KeShun Freeman, the former Callaway Cavalier who recently completed his collegiate career at Georgia Tech, participated in a rookie mini-camp with the Baltimore Ravens.

Freeman made a positive impression and was offered a spot on the team, but his tenure with the Ravens lasted all of one day.

Unfazed, Freeman was invited to take part in the New Orleans Saints’ rookie mini-camp, and once again he was offered a place on the team.

This time, it looks like Freeman will be hanging around for a while.

Freeman has signed with the Saints, and he is in New Orleans this week participating in OTA offseason workouts as he works to earn a spot on the team’s 53-man roster for the regular season.

After signing with the Saints, Freeman was able to come home for a few days to get some personal belongings together, and on Saturday he made the trip to Jacksonville State (Ala.) to watch his old team, the Callaway Cavaliers, play Montgomery-Catholic in a spring game.

“I went to the Baltimore tryout, made the team, and some stuff went on and they told me we’re going to have to cut you,” Freeman said after watching Callaway win its spring game 33-0. “So I made the team one day, and was cut the next day. I went to New Orleans, and made the team, and they kept me. All of the players said, you made two teams? That’s a hard thing to do. I said I appreciate it. I just work hard. It feels good.”

Freeman had hoped to be selected in the NFL draft that was held in late April, but it didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, plenty of players over the year have made it in the NFL as a non-drafted free agent, so that’s the route Freeman set out to take.

Freeman explored his different options, and he agreed to take part in the Ravens’ rookie mini-camp.

Following his short stay with the Ravens, Freeman was offered a chance to attend the Saints’ rookie mini-camp.

Freeman, a defensive lineman at Georgia Tech, worked at linebacker during the camp, and the Saints liked what they saw.

While it was a disappointment at the time for Freeman to get cut loose by the Ravens, he’s happy with how things worked out.

“I went in for the tryout, made the team, and I was treated no differently than Marcus Davenport, our first-round pick,” Freeman said. “So I love it there.”

While the camp was exclusively for rookies, Freeman said some of the team’s veterans were there working out.

One of those veterans is Drew Brees, the Saints’ future Hall of Fame quarterback.

“One morning I was in there early, and Drew Brees is outside with the fullbacks and the wide receivers. And I’m excited just to watch them,” Freeman said. “He’s telling the guys how to run the routes, and the purpose behind running the routes, and how you can mess up their read. It’s cool being there, and seeing all these NFL players work.”

Freeman was a four-year starter at Georgia Tech, and he was a defensive lineman.

In the NFL, though, Freeman figures to be a linebacker, and that’s been his position during both of the rookie tryouts.

“When I went to Baltimore, I went to outside linebacker,” Freeman said. “I came to New Orleans, and the whole rookie camp, I did Will linebacker, and made the team.

“And now I’m a Sam linebacker, which is not bad for me.”

At Callaway, Freeman was an all-state player, and he led the Cavaliers to the state semifinals as a senior in 2013.

Callaway went 13-1 that season, with its only loss coming to the powerful Buford Wolves.

Freeman had plenty of options when it came time to choose a college, and he went with Georgia Tech.

Freeman stepped into the starting lineup by the third game of his freshman season, and he didn’t miss a game in four years.

Now, Freeman is getting set to play the game at the highest level, and he’s ready for the challenge.

“Everybody keeps saying what are you going to do when Devonta Freeman (of the Atlanta Falcons) comes at you,” Freeman said. “I said I’ll introduce him to KeShun Freeman.”

While confident in his abilities, Freeman can’t help but be excited knowing he’s practicing alongside the best football players in the world.

It is, he said, an eye-opening experience for he and the other rookies.

“Every day we’re there like, we’re in the NFL,” Freeman said. “It’s crazy to think that we’re in the NFL.”