Troup County Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending May 30

Published 7:12 pm Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Shekia Renee Bell, 35, 2500 Pleasant Hill Rd C13, College Park, probation violation (LaGrange), bond $0, in jail.

Andrew Randall Caldwell, 26, 470 Hickory Terrace, LaGrange, possession of a drug related object, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, possession of schedule 1 controlled substance, schedule 3 or 4 or 5 possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearm or knife during certain felonies, bond denied, in jail.

William Hilton Cato, 26, 1503 Blue Creek Rd., Hogansville, theft-by-receiving stolen vehicle, bond $16,000, bonded out.

William Corey Crowell, 32, 64 N Cary St. M-46, LaGrange, two counts failure to appear, bond denied, released on time served.

Amanda Foster, 34, 296 N State Route 2 Lot 51 W, Martinsville WV., disorderly conduct, bond $0, bonded out.

Sheila Marie Gordon, 60, 604 Revis St. B, LaGrange, criminal trespass (city), bond $0, bonded out.

Kimberly Anne Gutierrez, 27, 5536 Pine Ridge Place, Forest Park, production order/brought back to court, bond denied, released to another agency.

Darron Jure’l Hudson, 23, 162 Alton Dr., LaGrange, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Nicole Leigh Jackson, 30, 32 Paschal LN., Franklin, probation violation (LaGrange), bond denied, in jail.

Richard Anthony Johns, 24, 5458 27th St. SW., Lanett AL., theft-other, criminal trespass, bond $0, in jail.

A minor, LaGrange, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less, bond $1,000, bonded out.

Jonathan Decail McCovey, 35, 2900 Lorrell Ridgeway, East Point, failure to appear (state), bond $0, in jail.

Jeffrey Darnell McGruder, 33, 4177 Allie Road, Greenville, failure to appear (LaGrange), bond denied, released on probation.

Joseph Calvin McKay, 52, 4800 Flate Shores Rd., Union City, failure to appear (superior), bond denied, in jail.

Ryan Joseph Nickence, 35, 304 Woodland Dr., LaGrange, failure to appear (LaGrange), bond denied, released on time served.

Jamie Leighann Parks, 27, 178 Mallory Dr., LaGrange, probation violation (Hogansville), bond $0, released to another agency.

Janisha Symone Reed, 23, 150 Turner St E2-11, LaGrange, failure to be in proper lane when turning, leaving the scene of accident, expired tag, bond $3,500, bonded out.

Tommy Lamar Reed, 41, 11 Kimbrough Rd, LaGrange, failure to appear (state), bond denied, in jail.

Le’a Unterious Damar Robinson, 42, 201 Lee St., Hogansville, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, obstruction and interference, bond $0, in jail.

Stefone Pernell Stafford, 22, 1212 E 13th St C, West Point, synthetic-sale/possession with intent to distribute, controlled substance near park or housing project, tampering with evidence, bond $25,000, bonded out.

Mary Kate Toney, 22, 149 Waugh Rd., LaGrange, failure to appear (LaGrange), probation violation (superior), bond denied, released on probation.

Matthew Allen Yarbrough, 34, 2200 Mooty Bridge Rd, LaGrange, probation violation (superior), sentence state, bond denied, released on time served.

CORRECTION: In Wednesday’s edition of the paper the incorrect age ran for a person arrested. Travis Jermaine Tucker is 33. We apologize for the error and are happy to set the record straight.