Community garden planned for Borton Street

Published 5:58 pm Thursday, May 31, 2018

A local woman hopes that a new community garden on Borton Street will provide opportunities for therapy and community growth.

Ramona Holiday discussed plans for Mona’s Healing Growth to establish a community garden during last week’s LaGrange City Council meeting. She said that the program could potentially help locals improve their lives on a variety of fronts, including nutrition, community interaction and even aid in the fight against gangs.

“My solution is a horticulture therapy community garden,” Holiday said. “This garden will be a universal design — meaning accessible to all disabilities — and I will be implementing an intergenerational program, which will be for seniors and juveniles.”

Holiday said that she is a certified horticulture therapist and a Troup County Master Gardner.

Both individual and shared plots are expected to be part of the garden.

“The actual piece of land that I am going to use is privately owned by a family, and we are going to utilize it,” Holiday said. “It is just a piece of land with nothing there where a house was torn down, and in the community garden, you are producing fruit, vegetables and [other] plants that are grown for attractive appearances.”

She plans to name the garden Holiday Memorial Community Garden after her late father.

To learn more about Mona’s Healing Growth, visit its page on Facebook.