Local businesses join forces to clean up Whitesville Road area

Published 10:12 pm Sunday, June 3, 2018

The stormy weather only caused a slight delay on Saturday as Jackson Services, Kimble’s Events by Design and CrossFit LaGrange gathered to see who could pick up the most trash.

Employees from local businesses laughed comfortably and enjoyed breakfast under a Jackson Services tent in front of Kimble’s Events by Design as they waited out the storm Saturday morning. When the storm finally cleared, they quickly split into groups and proceeded to pick up enough trash to fill an entire dumpster.

“We saw what the City of LaGrange did, and really felt like, if they can do it, then the private companies that live and work here on Whitesville Road, we should take ownership of our own corridor,” said Dale Jackson, co-owner of Jackson Services. “Kimble [Carter] and I are just trying to set a good example as corporate citizens, and hopefully this is something that not only we can continue periodically, but that other businesses up and down the Hamilton Road and Whitesville Road corridor will do the same.”

Both business owners said that they hope to see a cleaner, more beautiful future for the corridor.

“We just want to be a community partner and help with the Whitesville Road, Hamilton Road cleanup project,” said Kimble Carter, the owner of Kimble’s Events by Design. “It is about keeping America beautiful.”

Jackson said that he and Carter have discussed reinstating the Adopt a Block program on their section of Whitesville Road, and he encouraged other companies to take ownership of nearby roads as well.

“[We hope] businesses will take responsibility for the block they’re on, and adopt that block and keep it clean,” Jackson said. “I know that the City of LaGrange already has plans to come in and [put in] some new sidewalks and some new plantings. An investment like that is only going to last and give you a return if the businesses who live here also take care of it while it’s here. That is our thought.”

He also pointed out the importance of keeping Whitesville Road clean with the recent grand opening of Great Wolf Lodge. Visitors to the resort will most likely drive down Whitesville Road if they want to shop or eat in downtown LaGrange.

“We’ve got to do something to change the perception of the Whitesville Road corridor, so this is just the first thing that we could think of,” Jackson said. “It is quick, simple, 

The business owners thanked Scott Landa of Keep Troup Beautiful for providing safety vests and trash bags for the cleanup. They also thanked the landowner of the property in front of Kimble’s Events by Design for his efforts in improving the area by regularly cleaning trash off the property.

“[Jimmy Doer] has been keeping this lot cut for I know 10 years, but he came in and saw the broken window theory,” Carter said. “This lot was an eyesore collecting trash, and now he pays a lawn service to cut this pretty routinely, and he keeps the trash picked up on this lot. He is huge in this effort.”

City of LaGrange Marketing/Communications Manager Katie Mercer Van Schoor said the city appreciates these businesses’ efforts to leave LaGrange better than they found it. The City of LaGrange plans to host another cleanup event on Saturday.