How to make positive change

Published 9:29 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

I’ve been following a post on Facebook that got me thinking about the most effective way to make positive change in society. The post was regarding another division of the parent company of the division that makes the product I use. This other division had posted a picture of the gay flag flying outside their headquarters with a statement of support for pride month.

While reading through the statements of boycott from those who love the same product I do, I wondered if that was really the best way to make positive change in our society. It is sad to see so many companies openly supporting things that are blatant affronts to Christian morality. But when I hear all the cries for boycott that typically follows such actions on the part of companies it often comes across as more obnoxious than the affront itself. Is that really the best way to change things for the better? I’m not saying that people should support things that would cause them to violate their conscience. I personally try to avoid doing business with companies that use their profits to attack my morals. But I don’t walk down the street with signs telling everyone else they’re evil if they go to that establishment.

The Bible says that we make positive change in our communities by quietly and peaceably living the faithful Christian lifestyle. It is by showing the appeal of Christianity to those around us and bringing more people to Christ that we will change our world for the better.

The power for change is in the gospel of Christ. We must be living examples of how good the doctrine of Christ is for “all things pertaining to life and godliness.” As Peter said regarding the wife toward a hard-hearted spouse, we can soften their hearts and open their ears to the gospel by living the Christian lifestyle.


Norm Fields is a minister of Church of Christ Northside